Please, send us an e-mail if you want to contribute with useful tools, open data or results, and we will insert the link to your products in the workflow!


The SIP HTML5 GUI is a web-based internet application that provides easy access to water-related open-data, and is the main entry points for external users to the SIP. Standard web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript are used for its implementation so users only need a web browser to access this GUI.

Please click on the link below to launch an early preview release of the SIP HTML5 GUI. Please note that this software is still under development and some features may or may not work.


For more technical information, sourcecode and an issue management system for reporting bugs, please visit the SIP HTML5 GUI Project Page on GitHub.

SIP Expert GUI

The SIP Expert GUI is a sophisticated and powerful GIS Application. Besides advanced data and meta-data visualisation, search, and manipulation functionalities, the it covers the whole cycle of publishing, binding, finding and repurposing of open data. Due to its complexity and the need to cope with large amounts of geospatial data, the Expert GUI is implemented as integrated desktop application which can be run from the Internet (Java WebStart). The SIP Expert GUI is mainly used by verified expert users and SWITCH-ON consortium members that want to update or publish new open data and meta-data in the SIP.

Please click on the link below to launch the SIP Expert Catalogue and Data Management GUI. (Java JRE 1.7 required)

Start SIP Expert GUI

For more information, system requirements, demo videos, sourcecode and an issue management system for reporting bugs, please visit the SIP Expert GUI Project Page on GitHub.


SIP APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are public web services that provide (read only) access to the meta-data catalogue through standardised service interface, mainly for the purpose of finding open data. They can be used by any (external) clients that support the respective standard or protocol, for example CSW (Catalogue Service for the Web) Clients like the SWITCH-ON Simple CSW Client or custom web applications like the SIP HTML5 GUI.

For more technical information regarding these APIs, please visit the SIP APIs Project Page on GitHub.

SWITCH-ON has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Programme (FP 7) for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration under Grant Agreement No 603587