Find open data for your science or business!

SWITCH-ON develops a Spatial Information Platform (SIP) with several user interfaces of different complexity. Here you can find metadata and links to water-relevant open datasets, to easily inspect and download data from many data providers.

BYOD - Browse to Your Open Datasets...

The SWITCH-ON Project developed a tool to searching, finding and browsing open datasets.
This web-based tool enables you to:

  • Construct a search query - on relevant (combinations of) meta-data characteristics like: keyword, free text, geospatial extent - to look for required Open Datasets .
  • Display the search results and inspect metadata of the datasets found, preview and/or download them.
  • Post-filter the resources found based on metadata characteristics.

This tool and the underlying (meta)data is under development. If you discover bugs or you have suggestions for improvements, please use GitHub to let us know!

Try the tool...!

Example search: Please specify "GRDC" as free text search and also open the map (globe button, top right) when the results are there...

This tool is developed for use in Chrome. The application does also work in Safari and Firefox, but no garantees are given for those browsers.