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The VWSL now available to the IAHS community

The Virtual Water-Science Lab is now offered as a tool for the IAHS (International Association of Hydrological Sciences) community and the working groups of Panta Rhei. IAHS is a non-profit making non-governmental scientific organization registered in the UK. The Lab is available through the IAHS website (in the Panta Rhei section and the Links page).

The VWSL is also being demonstrated during the whole week of the IAHS 2017 Scientific Assembly in the poster section of room B2 and presented in two events:

Wednesday 12 July
17h30 to 19h00 (evening meeting)
“Demo of the SWITCH-ON Virtual water-science Lab.” by Berit Arheimer
Side Event: Panta Rhei Meeting (chaired by Giuliano Di Baldassarre)

Friday 14 July
11:20–11:40, Room C1
“The SWITCH-ON Virtual Water-Science Laboratory” by:
Berit Arheimer and the EU FP7-project SWITCH-ON

For other SWITCH-ON presentations at IAHS, see the following news item.