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Policy Brief on Making Open Innovation a reality

SWITCH-ON explores and exploits the substantial and untapped potential of Open Data to improve water management by providing new products and services. One of the project’s premises is that new water-related information and knowledge can lead to more efficient use of natural resources and facilitate environmental protection. This policy brief illustrates how the SWITCH-ON project has provided proof-of-concept of how product development based on Open Innovation and Open Data can foster environmental and economic benefits in the European Union.

VWSL booth at EGU

SWITCH-ON researchers at the booth shared information about the Virtual Water Science Laboratory and their experiences of using it in various hydrological projects. They also made use of a specially created online visualization tool to guide new users through the separate parts of the laboratory to increase understanding of how the tool can be used and its potential benefits.
List of presentations

The Virtual Science Lab at EGU

SWITCH-ON will participate in a number of activities relating to the Virtual Science Lab at the European Geosciences Union held in Vienna from 23–28 April 2017.

Mon, 24 Apr, 17:30–19:00, Hall X4 EGU2017-10659 | Posters | ESSI2.6 The SWITCH-ON Virtual Water-Science Laboratory Berit Arheimer, Gerben Boot, Joan Calero, Serena Ceola, Frida Gyllensvärd, Markus Hrachowitz, Lorna Little, Alberto Montanari, Remko Nijzink, Juraj Parajka, and Thorsten Wagener

Policy Brief on The SWITCH-ON Virtual Water Science Laboratory: Facilitating collaborative and reproducible Open Science

The brief describes the SWITCH-ON Virtual Water Science Laboratory that is a working example of Open Science in action and illustrates many of the benefits promised by this transformation. Research already completed on the platform is characterized by international cooperation and applications, transparency, reproducibility, and a commitment to openness. The Virtual Lab features two key components: a collaborative experiment platform and a data catalogue.

Policy brief on The SWITCH-ON Market Analysis Framework: support to European innovators on commercialising water information products

This brief describes the use of the Market Analaysis Framework (MAF) that helped SWITCH-ON product developers to develop strategies to commercialise their products and services. It could also be useful for other organisations seeking commercialisation of their products.

Testing Forecastbroker

For Rijkswaterstaat a feasibility study has been done to compare the performance of the current MATROOS archiving system with the ForecastBroker solution. MATROOS stands for Multifunctional Access Tool foR Operational Oceandata Services. It is a data portal and archive developed by Rijkswaterstaat. MATROOS has be operational for over a decade and currently contains terabytes of gridded and scalar forecast data. The goal of the study was to assess if the ForecastBroker is able to handle the sheer number of data records and also the great volume of data that currently reside in MATROOS.

Developments to HyCAW

The HyCAW model now has pan-European coverage. The groundwater wizard has also been improved. The tool will soon have an online tutorial on a real case analysis for a relevant water-demanding sector (agrofood and industry), based on interests and collaboration with end-users. Give it a look under Products and Services on the Menu found above. used in Åland

In November 2016, the regional government of Åland in Finland (ÅLR) ordered an expanded version of to be set up for the region. SMHI invited ÅLR to a workshop and discuss which input data would be used and how results should be presented to be as useful as possible. From a linguistic perspective this is an unusual foreign project since the official language of Åland is Swedish.


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