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Outreach to European Innovation Partnership (EIP)

SWITCH-ON gave a keynote speech at EIP 2017 on the topic of "Making open innovations happen with SWITCH-ON". The last 4 years, Switch-on has worked with development of water-information products. By using a combination of an agile approach and open innovation, the SWITCH-ON products were frequently demonstrated both within the project (demos together with water-scientists, experts in market analysis and other software developers) as well as outside the project (end-user workshops and customer demos). These recurring demos gave the product developer early feedback on design, features, accuracy and marketing. In the talk, we highlighted some of the unique SWITCH-ON approaches. Our work with water research and water information products attracted interest from several innovation actors and networks at EIP 2017 including water innovation accelerator ( that facilitate mingling between customers and product developers, the Blue Breadboard Company ( ) that work with start-ups in water and energy, and the Swedish water platform ( that provides a national platform for broad support in the water sector.

Esa Falkenroth presents the SWITCH-ON agile approach for developing web-based information products.