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Switch-on join efforts with similar global projects in Boston, USA

Switch-on was invited 20-22 June, to the workshop "Advancing Hydrologic and Environmental Science through Cyberinfrastructure: Lessons Learned and Paths Forward", which is organized by prof. Rick Hooper, CUAHSI and member of the Switch-on Advisory Board. At the workshop, several projects from Europe, USA and global communities were addressing recent progress and challenges in data sharing and collaborative research. The discussions will result in a commentary paper for a scientific journal.

The workshop taking place in Boston, USA, 20-22 June, brings together developers from the US and EU that have been working on cyberinfrastructure (US) or e-infrastructure (EU) projects with some of the scientists that the projects are intended to serve in the environmental science and hydrologic science fields. The background is that these disciplines, unlike some others in atmospheric science and astronomy, have traditionally worked individually or in small groups either collecting their own data or using data from government agencies, such as the USGS in the US. Although the technological developments offered by advanced cyberinfrastructure could markedly accelerate research in these sciences, there are large cultural barriers to adopting tools. This workshop aims to explore what those barriers are and how they could be addressed from both the developers' and users' perspective.

This workshop brings together groups that are working on similar enough questions to benefit from sharing experiences. The discussion focus on user interface, user engagement and technological considerations. Full agenda can be found here:
Projects represented are: SEAD, Tereno Teodoor, Hydroshare, Switch-on, Landlab, EVO, HIS hydroclient, GEOSS, CZO, CSDMS, Sediments Experimentalist Network
Switch-on contributions were provided by: Berit Arheimer and Esa Falkenroth (SMHI), Joan Sala Calero (Deltares), Jim Freer (Bristol Uni)