switch-on . en Sharing Water related Information to Tackle Changes in the Hydrosphere - from OPEN DATA to OPEN SCIENCE, OPEN INNOVATION & OPEN TO THE WORLD ./?q=node/48 <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even" property="content:encoded"><style type="text/css"> <!--/*--><![CDATA[/* ><!--*/ .bg-faded{ background: #ececec; } /*--><!]]>*/ </style><div> SWITCH-ON is a project using Open Data as a vehicle for innovations, with the aim to manage water resources in a sustainable way for a safer society and to advance hydrological sciences. We are building bridges between policy makers, water managers, information producers and scientists.<br /> All project assets are available at the <a href="http://water-switch-on.eu" target="_blank">Web Portal</a>, including dedicated Search tools for water-related open data. There is an open Virtual Product Market with 14 running softwares producing information for efficient water management and policy. We have initiated a Virtual Water-Science Laboratory where scientists can collaborate on computational experiments, and a Knowledge Brokerage area that facilitate societal dialogues on development and marketing of information products. <div class="bg-faded"> <h4>OPEN TO THE WORLD</h4> <p>SWITCH-ON will.</p> <ul><li>Launch 14 innovative water information products and services which will contribute to planning in safety, sustainability, exploitation, adaptation and public awareness</li> <li>Address river flow, floods, droughts, water quality, change and multiple water use</li> <li>Contribute to the implementation of European water policy</li> <li>Facilitate the search, combinations and visualisation of data for tailored water assessments</li> </ul></div> <div class="bg-faded"> <h4>OPEN DATA</h4> <p>SWITCH-ON gives free access to basic components for developing commercial information products and services, such as: </p> <ul><li>A spatial information platform with graphical interfaces and set of analysis tools </li> <li>Tailored geodata for water assessments</li> <li>Modelled time-series of many water variables.</li> <li>Quality indications of many open datasets. </li> <li>New knowledge of natural processes, hazards and on going environmental change.</li> </ul></div> <div class="bg-faded"> <h4>OPEN INNOVATION</h4> <p>SWITCH-ON products have been developed in a collaborative, networked environment to:</p> <ul><li>Allow a co-creation process involving science partners. </li> <li>Utilise external research in product development. </li> <li>Ensure direct links between scientists and developers and embrace feedback and user requirements. </li> <li>Place users in the spotlight: agile user centric development with early and frequent stakeholder contacts.</li> <li>Enhance collaboration between product developers through periodic on-line demonstrations and reviews of product features and business ideas. </li> <li>Improve continuously as a result of incremental development design.</li> <li>Analyse societal needs and the market potential of water-information products.</li> <li>Make alliances and bundling with other software packages to build on the leverage from existing customer bases.</li> </ul></div> <div class="bg-faded"> <h4>OPEN SCIENCE – VIRTUAL WATER SCIENCE LAB</h4> <p>Virtual water-science laboratories allow scientists to share and use available knowledge at early stages in the research process. The infrastructure supports a new approach to the scientific process based on sharing and collaboration to: </p> <ul><li>Share knowledge using innovative co-design software tools.</li> <li>Allow scientists to launch new ideas for immediate feedback and networking opportunities worldwide.</li> <li>Create procedures and experiment protocols to ensure reproducibility and transparency in computational experiments.</li> <li>Encourage incremental forms of research through dynamic living experiment protocols.</li> <li>Allow access to numerical hydrological models, source codes and manuals.</li> <li>Share tailored data for catchment analysis on a pan European level.</li> <li>Create a data repository and tools for publishing/sharing research result data.</li> <li>Make direct links to practical applications and feedback on research results.</li> </ul></div> <p><a href="http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/en/news/saving-water-through-effective-knowledge-sharing" target="_blank">Saving water through effective knowledge sharing</a><br /><a href="http://water-switch-on.eu" target="_blank">Go to the Switch-on Portal</a> </p></div> <div> <a href="sites/default/files/pictures/ga2016.png" target="_blank"><br /><img title="" src="sites/default/files/pictures/ga2016.png" height="1185" width="811" /></a><br /> Participants at the GA in Chania 2016 </div> </div></div></div> Sun, 26 Apr 2015 15:07:31 +0000 admin 48 at . ./?q=node/48#comments