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Several of the SWITCH-ON scientific partners are currently (10-14 July, 2017) meeting at the Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) in Port Elisabeth, South Africa. Some 250 delegates from across the world visit the conference. For the scientific partners, this is where the project idea originally came up and during this conference part of the results are given back to the community, namely the Virtual Water-Science Lab (VWSL). The VWSL is being demonstrated in a stand the full week and it is now linked to the IAHS website and has been launched as a New item in the IAHS community mailing list. In addition, it will be presented twice (both at a side-event and in a session). Hopefully, the VWSL will assist the scientific community in sharing data, scripts and protocols for collaborative research and transparent experiments in its working groups.

Staff from SMHI - Johan Strömqvist (front), Berit Arheimer (left) and Alena Bartosova (right) - demonstrates the VWSL at the IAHS conference.

SWITCH-ON presentations at IAHS Scientific Assembly 2017


The SWITCH-ON Virtual Water-Science Laboratory will be demonstrated in the Poster Hall every day during coffee breaks and poster sessions.

Tuesday 11 July

08:50–09:10, Room C1
“The added value of remote sensing products in constraining hydrological models” by
Remko C. Nijzink, Susana Almeida, Ilias Pechlivanidis, René Capell, David Gustafsson, Berit Arheimer, Jim Freer, Dawei Han, Thorsten Wagener, Juraj Parajka, Hubert Savenije, and Markus Hrachowitz

Wednesday 12 July

17h30 to 19h00 (evening meeting)
“Demo of the SWITCH-ON Virtual water-science Lab.” by Berit Arheimer
Side Event: Panta Rhei Meeting (chaired by Giuliano Di Baldassarre)

Thursday 13 July

11:40–12:00, Room C1
“The evolution of root zone moisture storage capacities after deforestation: a step towards hydrological predictions under change?” by
Remko C. Nijzink, Christopher Hutton, Ilias Pechlivanidis, René Capell, Berit Arheimer, Jim Freer, Dawei Han, Thorsten Wagener, Kevin McGuire, Hubert Savenije, and Markus Hrachowitz

13:30–15:10, Room B2, P12
“Snow line elevation changes in Europe” by:
Juraj Parajka, Nejc Bezak, John Burkhart, Ladislav Holko, Bjarki Þór Hauksson, Yeshewa Hundecha, Pavel Krajči, Walter Mangini, Peter Molnar, Aynur Sensoy, Phillippe Riboust, Jonathan Rizzi, Alberto Viglione, Guillaume Thirel, and Berit Arheimer

Friday 14 July

08:30–08:50, Room B2
“Physical interpretation of river memory and application to seasonal flood forecasting” by:
Theano Iliopoulou, Christina Aguilar, Berit Arheimer, María Bermúdez, Nejc Bezak, Andrea Ficchi, Demetris Koutsoyiannis, Juraj Parajka, María José Polo, Guillaume Thirel, and Alberto Montanari

11:20–11:40, Room C1
“The SWITCH-ON Virtual Water-Science Laboratory” by:
Berit Arheimer and the EU FP7-project SWITCH-ON

Open data for water resource management operational web services: the SWITCH-ON approach
Stefano Bagli, Paolo Mazzoli, Valerio Luzzi, and Davide Broccoli