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Early warning experiment using SafeTrip

On 19 and 20 April 2016 the app SafeTrip, developed within SWITCH-ON by HKV, has been used during a flood experiment in the Hague area ‘Wateringse Veld’. Volunteers have received flood warnings and flood alerts via SafeTrip for the area where they were in at that specific time. HKV assessed how fast this early warning during the experiment has been noticed by the volunteers and whether it contributed to their self-reliance. The exercise was organised by the EU project DRIVER and HKV is one of the in total 35 participating organisations in this experiment.

Successful invite at EGU

The Switch-on side event (lunch meeting at EGU on Wedn 20 of April) attracted some 70 scientists when WP3 invited external research groups to take part in new experiments. The following suggestions were presented and discussed with the participants:
* river memory (Lead: Alberto Montanari, Unibo)
* grids vs polygons (lead: Berit Arheimer, SMHI)
* snowline elevation changes during snowmelt in Europe (Lead: Juraj Parajka, TUWien)
* constraining hydrological models through evaporation (Remko Nijzink, TUDelft)

SWITCH-ON involvement at EGU 2016

MONDAY, 18/4

09:30–09:45 Session HS2.3.3 / Room 2.20, Session: Innovative sensing techniques and data analysis approaches to increase (eco) hydrological process understanding

Oral presentation: EGU2016-3878 Nightlights along the Eastern Alpine river network in Austria and Italy as a proxy of human presence Serena Ceola, Alberto Montanari, Juraj Parajka, Alberto Viglione, and Guenter Bloeschl

New product demos

Product demos were filmed in the ID-Lab at Deltares, Delft for four of our SWITCH-ON products and services: Forecast Broker,, PERVIS (Safe Trip) and NUT-PRINT. To view the demos go to: and press “Show demo” beside each product or service. A demo was also made for the BYOD (Browse Your Own Data) tool that can be found under the Menu/BYOD Demo at

How do our SWITCH-ON tools measure up on water flow, floods and risk management?

The products and services were considered useful in risk management work. The Flash Flood Risk Mapping (FFRM) met their needs for a tool to identify low areas and show flood risk as it complemented open data with additional local input data. Managers requested estimated costs of flood damage in spreadsheet format, water levels besides that of the highest flood and information on flood duration and water velocity. Participants requested that that shows water flow in European waterways show flow direction, river basin boundaries and eventual warnings.

How do our SWITCH-ON tools measure up on water quality?

Participants at the Norrköping workshop found our products and services to have value for their water management work. NUTPRINT provides important information for decision-makers on the nutrient footprint NUTPRINT aims to visualize the nutrient footprint on European coastal waters from anywhere within the European continent and participants asked to see additional parameters besides total N and P. Similarly end-users would like eEUTCON that also visualizes the footprint of N and P to show the nutrient loads/area and where the largest loads are.

Details and Overview

A number of representatives at the recent Norrköping workshop discussed their work-related needs regarding products and services related to water quality, flow, flooding and risk management. They seek simple, flexible tools and products that give an overview of current conditions but also that can show possible effects under different scenarios such as changed climate, dam removal or additions, Besides graphics and maps, the water management experts ask for easy ways to import their own data as well as export modeled results for further analysis.

Meeting with end-users at the Norrköping Workshop

Several representatives from County Boards, The Swedish Board of Agriculture, municipalities and water organizations met in Norrköping, Sweden for two days of hands-on testing of several SWITCH-ON products and services. Interactive exercises and discussions highlighted what tools and services in water management are needed today and if and how these products do or can meet this need. The BYOD tool was also showcased and tested by participants. See results and follow-up from this meeting soon on our Knowledge Brokerage Forum!

Opportunities with the Enterprise Europe Network

Representatives from the Enterprise Europe Network presented this initiative to the SWITCH-ON members at the Delft and Norrköping workshops. The Enterprise Europe Network helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make the most of business opportunities in the EU and beyond by bringing them together to find relevant partnerships. They are represented by around 600 support organizations from more than 60 countries. See for more information.


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