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Outreach to European Innovation Partnership (EIP)

SWITCH-ON gave a keynote speech at EIP 2017 on the topic of "Making open innovations happen with SWITCH-ON". The last 4 years, Switch-on has worked with development of water-information products. By using a combination of an agile approach and open innovation, the SWITCH-ON products were frequently demonstrated both within the project (demos together with water-scientists, experts in market analysis and other software developers) as well as outside the project (end-user workshops and customer demos).

The Virtual Science Laboratory presented at Transformations 2017 in Dundee, Scotland (Aug 29-Sept 1)

Practice session 1.7 - Virtual science laboratories – a way to facilitate transition towards open, collaborative and global research? (Abstract: attracted a number of researchers including university students and staff in both social and natural sciences. After the laboratory was presented, group work allowed participants to design experiments within their own fields where the VSL would provide added benefits.


Several of the SWITCH-ON scientific partners are currently (10-14 July, 2017) meeting at the Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) in Port Elisabeth, South Africa. Some 250 delegates from across the world visit the conference. For the scientific partners, this is where the project idea originally came up and during this conference part of the results are given back to the community, namely the Virtual Water-Science Lab (VWSL).

The VWSL now available to the IAHS community

The Virtual Water-Science Lab is now offered as a tool for the IAHS (International Association of Hydrological Sciences) community and the working groups of Panta Rhei. IAHS is a non-profit making non-governmental scientific organization registered in the UK. The Lab is available through the IAHS website (in the Panta Rhei section and the Links page).

The VWSL is also being demonstrated during the whole week of the IAHS 2017 Scientific Assembly in the poster section of room B2 and presented in two events:

Opening Europe to the world to achieve sustainability

SWITCH-ON explores and exploits the substantial and untapped potential of open data to improve water management. The innovative information products and services created in the project can lead to more ef cient use of natural resources and facilitate environmental protection. This policy brief illustrates how SWITCH-ON supports globally-connected science, digital innovation, and the use of open data to help citizens, governments, and businesses in Europe and across the globe move towards a sustainable future.

Products and Services showcased at the EIP conference

SWITCH-ON will showcase a great number of its Products and Services at the European Innovation Partnership Water Conference on September 27-28th in Porto, Portugal. This year's theme is Water Innovation: Bridging Gaps, Creating Opportunities. The event will attract political leaders at European, national and local level, regulators, decision makers and technicians from utilities, industry and agriculture, researchers from universities and I&D centres, solution providers and innovators, start-ups and SMEs and investors.

Switch-on join efforts with similar global projects in Boston, USA

Switch-on was invited 20-22 June, to the workshop "Advancing Hydrologic and Environmental Science through Cyberinfrastructure: Lessons Learned and Paths Forward", which is organized by prof. Rick Hooper, CUAHSI and member of the Switch-on Advisory Board. At the workshop, several projects from Europe, USA and global communities were addressing recent progress and challenges in data sharing and collaborative research. The discussions will result in a commentary paper for a scientific journal.


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