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SWITCH-ON End-user workshops

SWITCH-ON has an end-user workshop coming up! It will be held in Norrkoping, Sweden 14th – 15th March at the Norrköping Decision Arena. End-users in Sweden, interested in water quality and flow will inform us of what tools, services and data are needed within Swedish water management. They will have the opportunity to test and provide feedback on if and how the following SWITCH-ON products presently contribute to this need and can be further developed. The projects include:

Winning proposal 2nd MyGEOS-call: WaterDirect by HKV

The SWITCH-ON partner HKV submitted a winning proposal for the 2nd MYGEOSS-call: The development of WaterDirect - an interactive European water atlas available as a mobile app. With WaterDirect the courses of the main European waterbodies (like rivers, canals, and lakes) will become visible in one glance. The app is based on full end open data and the database will be extended through crowdsourcing. WaterDirect will be easily accessible for both expert and non-expert users.
SWITCH-ON BYOD tool traceable through Deltares Data Portal.

Enabling entry into market: application of the Market Analysis Framework on the 14 SWITCH-ON products and services is completed

During summer 2015 the SWITCH-ON Market Analysis Framework (MAF) was applied to all products and services being developed under the SWITCH-ON project. The objective of this task was twofold: a) to identify and select clearly defined target markets for each of 14 the products and services and b) to collect and assess data on the selected target markets. This was a collaborative effort carried out by the product leaders with extensive support and guidance from Work Package 5 partners. The overall task was led by Ecologic Institute.

The SWITCH-ON Market Analysis Framework: using the enterprise’s soft assets to discover new business opportunities

SWITCH-ON has developed a Market Analysis Framework which is a set of guidelines and supplementary resources to support the analysis of new and existing markets for SWITCH-ON products and services. The use of the frameworks has allowed our product developers to evaluate the potential of different target groups to whom they can offer their products. The frameworks can continually be revisited to make adjustments based on new data and collected feedback.

Presentation of a SWITCH-ON experiment at the AGU Fall Meeting!

Alberto Montanari will deliver the talk "H13R-04: Human-Impacted Waters: Temporal Evolution of Human Proximity to Rivers from Global High Resolution Nighttime Lights" on December 14 in the session - Progress in Large-Scale Modeling and Remote Sensing of the Water Cycle in a Changing World (Room: Moscone West 3011). This experiment is being carried out in the SWITCH-ON virtual water-science laboratory, more info.

Second round of end-user workshops

We now have dates for two end-user workshops to be held in early 2016. The first in Delft, Netherlands on March 7-8th and the second in Norrköping, Sweden on March 14-15th, 2016.
At these events some of the SWITCH-ON products and services will be presented and targeted end-users will have a chance to interact with the developers and test the products and give feedback.

More details will be posted as the preparations continue.


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